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About YCKC


Following are frequently asked questions that may help you as you navigate your paddling options with YCKC.  If you require more information, please email us at

  1. Where do I find a weekly schedule of activities?
  2.  Are there less tippy kayaks for beginners who are somewhat afraid of water sports?
  3. Are flatwater canoe/kayaking skills transferable to other types of canoe/kayaking?
  4. How old do you have to be to learn flatwater canoe or kayaking?
  5. YCKC memberships
  6. YCKC full-season passes
  7. Private canoe/kayak lessons at YCKC
  8. YCKC’s group canoe/kayak sessions
  9. YCKC recreational paddling sessions
  10. YCKC competitions
  11. YCKC Developmental Regatta
  12. YCKC fundraising
  13. YCKC bingos
  14. Extra costs for YCKC paddlers
  15. YCKC school programs
  16. Winter training programs
  17. Summer day camps/Day Clinics
  18. Is YCKC a non-profit organization?
  19. Is YCKC associated with other canoe/kayak clubs?
  20. Can I be on YCKC’s executive team?



  1. I am somewhat afraid of swimming and water sports, but I want to learn to kayak.  Do you have any boats that a beginner can use that aren’t so tippy?


YES.  YCKC paddlers start in stable kayaks designed for beginners. Kayaks are graded from 1-10: 1= most tippy, 10= wide and stable.  YCKC beginners start in kayaks with ratings of 7-9. Once paddlers establish their balance and confidence, they can move into lighter kayaks with lower ratings.


  1. Will the skills I learn in Flatwater Kayaking at YCKC transfer to other types of kayaking?




  1. How old should you be to learn Flatwater Kayaking?


Recreational Ages 5+

Competitive Ages 8+ 


  1. Do I need to buy a YCKC membership to try Flatwater Kayaking?


NO.  YCKC’s drop-in rate is $15


  1. Do I need to buy YCKC’s full season’s pass?


NO.  YCKC offers a pay-as-you-go plan.


  1. Does YCKC offer private lessons in kayaking?


Private lessons are available by special arrangement.


  1. Why does YCKC promote ‘group’ type sessions?


Learning in a group has many advantages:


         Safety – the more eyes on the lake, the better for everyone

         Peer teaching – learning from others by watching them or by having them share personal tips and experiences is valuable

         Friendships – YCKC’s motto is, Through the waters to Friendship.

         Community – YCKC is a club. Like other clubs, YCKC offers social opportunities to its members and visitors. YCKC also works closely with other community organizations.

         Advance to the Olympics – YCKC trains athletes who are interested in competing in flatwater canoe and kayaking. Competing in a K1, K2, K4, and so on, can be an exciting experience.  [K 1 = kayak built for one paddler; K2 = kayak built for two paddlers; K4 = kayak built for four paddlers]. Competitions are a group experience.


  1. Can I bring my son and daughter to YCKC’s evening sessions?


YES.  YCKC’s evening sessions at 6:30 pm. are geared for recreational and beginner paddlers.


9.          What kind of paddling competitions does YCKC attend?


YCKC paddlers generally compete at regattas in Saskatchewan and at Calgary, AB.



10.     Does YCKC have a regatta of its own?


YES.  YCKC hosts Yorkton Developmental Regatta each August. 


11.     Do YCKC members participate in fundraising activities?




12.     What types of fundraising do YCKC members do?


        YCKC members help out with Bingos.


13.     Are there any extra costs over and above YCKC’s membership and training sessions?


        Extra costs are associated with competitive paddling. These costs include competition fees and travel/accommodation/meals associated with competitions.


14.     Does YCKC offer paddling sessions to schools?




15.     Does YCKC offer winter training programs?


Not currently.  Check the website for upcoming notices.


16.     Does YCKC offer summer training camps?


        YES – Learn-to sessions. Check YCKC’s website or email YCKC for further details.


17.     Does YCKC offer full-day kayaking clinics?


        YES. Email or phone YCKC for details.


18.     Is YCKC a not-for-profit organization?


YES. YCKC is incorporated as a not-profit organization.


19.     Is YCKC associated with other flatwater/sprint/racing canoe/kayak clubs?


YES. YCKC holds membership with both the provincial and national bodies of flatwater/sprint/racing canoe/kayak clubs.


20.     Can I be on YCKC’s executive team?

YES. YCKC members are welcome to join our executive team and/or to vote at our Annual General Meeting.


YCKC is grateful to the following organizations for their ongoing support:





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